The IFAST conference speakers and the IFAST participants are offered a free opportunity to provide an abstract and a poster, using the ad hoc templates that can be downloaded in this page.

The participation to the IFAST Exhibition area (15 June and morning of 16 June) will be based on the submission of an abstract describing the company products, services or projects.

Participants can request a free booth (virtual stand) to showcase their developments and capabilities in the areas of smart/advanced/digitalised textiles.

Participants are also welcomed to ask for a place in the pitching session (that will take place in the morning of 16 June).

Since the time slots for pitches are limited, the IFAST Organising Committee will review and make a selection of the abstracts submitted by the pitch applicants, based on their originality, technical quality, and scientific merit. The selected entities will provide a pitch. Those participants, whose abstract will not be selected for the pitching session, will be offered to show a poster in a specific booth within the IFAST Exhibition area. Therefore, the participants are kindly asked to submit also a poster, in case their abstract won’t be selected for the pitching session.

Participants can also submit only an abstract, without any other option.

All the abstracts received with the proper content and format presentation will be included in a book of abstracts related to the Conference and Exhibition areas, which will be published after the IFAST event (with ISBN).

IMPORTANT: Only abstracts/posters coming from registered participants will be considered for the booths, pitch session and book of abstracts.